BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Makes SICKENING Announcement… It’s SHOCKING !!

The Hillary Clinton battle declared that they will give balloters in the Electoral College access to knowledge on the Democratic National Committee hack before they confirm that Donald Trump has won the administration.

Mediaite reported this came hours after 10 voters out of 538 asked for a knowledge preparation on the conclusion from government organizations that Russia was behind the DNC hack with an end goal to Trump.

John Podesta, Clinton’s crusade chief, then discharged an exertion embracing the push.

“The bipartisan voters’ letter raises extremely grave issues including our national security,” Podesta said in an announcement, as indicated by Politico.

“Balloters have a serious obligation under the Constitution and we bolster their endeavors to have their inquiries tended to.”

“Every day that month, our battle discredited the obstruction of Russia in our crusade and its clear objective of harming our crusade to help Donald Trump,” he said.

“Regardless of our protestations, this matter did not get the consideration it merited by the media in the battle.

We now realize that the CIA has decided Russia’s obstruction in our decisions was with the end goal of choosing Donald Trump. This ought to trouble each American.”

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Despicable & Predictable. They are all terrified of outsiders being in office & exposing all of their dirty little secrets. There are far too many skeletons, in closets, from people on both sides of the aisle. You can “Smell” the fear.