Fbi goes against Hillary Clinton

Finally, Hillary’s days of scandal soon will be over. Even FBI is turning against Hillary.

WikiLeaks published new documents about Hillary Clinton’s scandal. According to WikiLeaks.On Twitter, WikiLeaks wrote:”FBI quietly releases new Hillary Clinton investigation documents (part 5) [as yet, no announcement]”

FBI quietly admits that Hillary Clinton broke the law in many ways,they knew what she was doing, she lied to the American public.Pretty interesting, right?

Trey Gowdy, the Republican representative of South Carolina and Jason Chaffetz, the Republican representative of Utah, worked hard to bring Clinton to justice in the House Oversight Committee.They tried to get the truth about Hillary from FBI director James Comey, but he kept saying.the evidence did not point to anything that would prove she knowingly threatened national security.Finally the truth is out.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out she’s guilty of treason or that the DNC is protecting her because of their part in her conspiracy. No one is untouchable, justice will prevail.

American people knows all along that she is criminal, liar and covered with corruption. Let’s hope she will get what she deserves becacuse she really think that is above the law because she is clinton. Its time for her to pay her crime.

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