US Army Goes Against Obama… Different Presidents Different Stands

Some will recollect the warm and excited gathering George W. Shrub got at whatever point he met with the men and ladies who serve in the U.S. military.

While individuals of goodwill can discuss issues, for example, “superfluous” wars, and criticize the dishonorable treatment of America’s veterans, these legends dependably appeared to give back Bush’s warm sentiments towards them.

What a balance to their associations with President Obama. As he attempts his apparently perpetual “goodbye visit,” the contrast between the two men has been thrown into sharp alleviation.

This video makes it self-evident:

Be that as it may, there is more proof of the negative emotions our troops have for the active president:

President Barack Obama will leave office on Jan. 20 with negative surveys from most individuals from the U.S. military.

The greater part the troops in another survey had a troublesome supposition of Obama’s administration of the military for as far back as eight years, and around 36 percent said they affirmed of his execution as president, as per the most recent overview by the Military Times and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

About 49 percent of administration individuals who voted in the November decision cast their polls for Republican Donald Trump, who was extremely condemning of Obama, while 29 percent voted in favor of Democrat Hillary Clinton, who was Obama’s secretary of state.

As The Political Journal reports:

Why do they feel along these lines? The review reveals some insight into that also, with a greater part saying President Obama has left their positions understaffed, made them less sheltered by pulling back troops from Iraq, and made them less protected with his choices in Afghanistan.

No big surprise there were such a large number of exhaust seats for the President’s goodbye discourse. The despise for his authority was palpable to the point that a U.S. Armed force Honor Guard part attempted to escape his burrow discourse by going out.

Clearly, the suppositions of those in the U.S. outfitted administrations are not uniform (quip not planned.) They are Republicans, Democrats and independents. Be that as it may, is it insane to guess that the greater part of them are anticipating the adjustment in initiative coming up on January 20? Share you contemplations underneath!

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