Ivanka Trump Made Huge Announcement

Ivanka Trump will invent the “First Daughter of United States” position.She posted on Facebook a statement which says that she and her family are moving into Washington, D.C.

Her statement brought a lot of attention. It was shared 12,000 times, and in the minute we checked in, there were about 183,000 comments full with support to the Trump Family.

The American people should be grateful. The Trump family leave their businesses to help this country get back on track, to bring America to greatness.

There are millions of Americans who admire Ivanka Trump.She is a role model for all women in America. Successfull in everything she does.Her husband Jared Kushner, as Senior Advisor to the President is a great choice for the Trump administration.

The hard work for The Trump Family begins soon! God bless them!Unfortunately, there is hate coming their way, but it’s insignificant compared to the love and support this nation gives them.

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SOURCE: Facebook