Newt Gingrich Goes against Liberal Democrats

Newt Gingrich is one of those individuals that just gets it. We have highlighted him on numerous occasions on our site and here is another sparkling case of why we require more individuals like him in governmental issues. He talks his psyche and isn’t reluctant to unsettle quills on either side.

As liberal America disintegrates into a PC, snowflake, annoyed by everything, griping, fake-news-toting hellfire opening, individuals like Gingrich keep all of us grounded, even as Obama promised to be a vocal national and depreciator to the new President-elect, Donald Trump.

Newt destroys those on the left, for example, Barack Obama, in this new video, as he went on Hannity the previous evening to open deliberation how the left is going to de-legitimize Trump and the majority of his bureau arrangements. This is mind boggling.

Obama has no love for America. Every other POTUS would step back so the new POTUS could do the job he was elected to. obama is a liar and deceiver only intent upon more conflict.

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