Song About Hillary’s Whining Millenials

An amazing video is putting millenials in disgrace after the loss of their candidate.

“Whining Hillary Fans Song,” by Dana Kamide is a parody song based on Roy Oribison’s song “Crying” that gives a real example of these whining millennials.


This is a display of Hillary Clinton fans and supporters whining, crying, rioting and not accepting a fair Democratic system. It gives a real picture of the brainwashed liberals and their illogical love for Hillary Clinton.

Millennial liberals are totally disconnected from reality. Initially, we saw them demonstrating, as the video depicts, and afterward they were attempting to accuse the decision for the Russians.

This is a typical liberal logic, expecting this must be another person’s blame They are just a bunch of emotionally unstable millennials overreacting after the loss of their failed candidate.


It’s official that your electoral college voters confirmed what we already knew..TRUMP WON and Hillary lost again for the third time. The heartland on the country has spoken.

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SOURCE: Youtube