Obama Released a Terrorsit Out of Prison

On the off chance that you need one single activity that entireties up Obama’s administration, this is it appropriate here.

Obama has been going on an absolving spree in his last days, driving sentences for known double crossers and psychological oppressors. This one, be that as it may, may have gone too far.

The FALN was a fear based oppressor amass in charge of numerous bombings in the 80s, and were blameworthy of attempting to topple the American government. Clearly their pioneer, Oscar Lopez Rivera, as indicated by Obama rationale, has done what’s necessary time in the slammer. So Obama discharged him.¬†Oh my… REALY ?!

From Fox News:

He was convicted of trying to overthrow the government, and named a leader of a terrorist group that bombed public buildings and killed people.

Now, President Obama’s decision to commute the sentence of FALN member Oscar Lopez Rivera has sparked outrage from terror victims.

“I’m disgusted by what the president did. It’s a travesty,” said Joe Connor, whose father was killed in an infamous FALN terrorist bombing in Manhattan.

“The enemies of our country are being rewarded, and being treated as if they are heroes. What we hear is that Oscar Lopez Rivera did not get to know his family. Well, neither did my father. The victims and the Americans get pushed aside.”

This guy is Pure Evil. President Trump will keep all these people locked up. So America can stay safe. Maybe he should join all these Horrible people in Prison. Enough Treason is Enough.

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source: (FoxNews)