Soros’s Attempts To Destroy America

When Jeff Sessions sworn as attorney general he made it clear that among his top priorities will be the deportation of illegal immigrants. But some pepole seems like don’t like to understand that, especially George Soros. He won’t give up with his attemps to destroy America, but we must stay united and won’t let him to realize his great desire.

WND reported that Soros’s plan is to continue organizing violent anti-Trump protests.

Chris Farrell, who is Judicial Watch’s director of research and investigation says: “As government returns to actually enforcing the country’s laws, there will be a marked increase by various activist groups to disrupt and engage in various activities to publicize or promote their agenda. It will be a steady diet from the media.”

“You’ll see nothing but very sad stories of how the people that are felons are actually the victims of America, and so I think they will conspicuously avoid the persons involved in violent crimes against Americans, the heroin dealers and the guys involved in the grand theft auto operations, and instead you’ll see the focus on tearful children.”

Soros has invested so much on Hillary Clinton, who’s idea was open borders and decreased security. When Trump won, Soros lost huge amount and now he is trying to destroy every Trump’s attempt to make America great again.

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SOURCE: AngryPatriot