Senate Confirms Mick Mulvaney As Trump’s Budget Director!

Trump does not waste any time, his recent scandals will prove to be nothing more than inconsequential speed bumps that the President will quickly find a solution for. Of course Trump will have difficulties in running this country when he still has not have his whole team ready to back him. But, luckily, the president works hard and fast and he has another appointee that has been confirmed by the Senate recently.

On Thursday, the Senate closely approved Rep. Mick Mulvaney 51-49 to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Mulvaney, who is a conservative Republican from South Carolina, came up against an opposition from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain. McCain, strongly disagreed with Mulvaney’s former support of defense reductions as well as his 2011 vote to take back all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

McCain’s contradictions added to an increasing level of bipartisan fear over some of President Trump’s Cabinet picks.

Fast-food chain owner Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration for Labor secretary after controversy about his personal and professional history. Around twelve Republican senators had voiced reservations about the candidate. The Puzder information came immediately after Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn withdrew amid controversy over his contact with the Russian ambassador in the past.

The Senate voted on Wednesday 52-48 along party lines to advance Mulvaney to a final vote on Thursday. McCain voted to advance Mulvaney, though he made his challenges from the Senate floor.

“I will vote to oppose Congressman Mulvaney’s nomination because it would be irresponsible to place the future of the defense budget in the hands of a person with such a record and judgment on national security,” said McCain.

Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran of Mississippi has also expressed doubts about Mulvaney, despite voting for him Thursday. The White House Office of Management and Budget is one of the most influential offices in the federal government. As its leader, Mulvaney will consult Trump in preparing the annual federal budget. OMB examiners guide government agencies to show them how to prepare a budget.

Shortly after the Mulvaney vote, the Senate will direct its focus to Environmental Protection Agency candidate Scott Pruitt. Pruitt is expected to clear a procedural vote without any strong opposition but there is already a negative response from some Republicans on his actual confirmation vote.

Like we said in the introductory paragraph, Trump’s cabinet nominees are, with a bit of delay, slowly shaping up his team and it will only be a matter of time when every last one has been confirmed, thus hitting the ground running from the day they have been confirmed.

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