Senator Ted Cruz Shows 50% Less Immigrants Have Crossed Mexican Border Since Trump Took Office

GOP Senator from Texas and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz commended President Trump’s endeavors to keep undocumented aliens at bay at the southern border with Mexico. The Blaze reported that Cruz has announced on Thursday a major drop on undocumented immigrants at the southern border since the commencement of Trump’s tenure.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on the stage with Mark Levin making him company to discuss the extremely sensitive issue regarding illegal immigration.

“Since Inauguration Day, illegal crossings have dropped 50 percent (in the Rio Grande section of the border),” Ted stated he had been informed by the U.S. Border Patrol. “Oddly enough, you and I have not seen that on the six o’clock news.”

Ted Cruz said that he has experienced firsthand how devotedly Border Patrol officials have been working to ensure the security and protection of their country and citizens. Cruz also said that he has joined airborne patrols, a ride in a gunboat on the Rio Grande and midnight patrols in order to be fully aware of everything that’s happening.

The Border Patrol also told the Senator that with the new government finally formed, they can do their jobs nicely since they have a leader that has their backs.

Check out the discussion in the video below where Cruz talks about the decreased number of undocumented aliens(it starts at 20:15):

Cruz was informed by the Border Patrol that there’s no confirmation for the drop in undocumented aliens in that sector, but was convinced it was because it was finally understood that the U.S. has at last got an administration that will pass legislation. If Trump can do so much for national security in only one month, could you imagine what he can achieve in the four years of his term in office.

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