Nancy Pelosi Exposed Lying In Her Claim That She Had Not Met With the Russian Ambassador!

Nancy Pelosi is the newest top Democratic official to be nailed dead to rights telling lies about meeting with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Recently, Senator Claire McCaskill told a similar lie while demanding that attorney general Jeff Sessions filed his resignation.

It appears that there was photographic proof that this was a false statement.

Some kind of a memory error or a blatant lie under oath, it is funny that the Senator would ask for an associate’s resignation while simultaneously making the same fault.

There’s one more Democratic official that can be put on the list of those who do not recall meeting with the Russian Ambassador. Nancy Pelosi, a former House Speaker, also asked that Sessions withdrew while deliberately or inadvertently forgetting that she has also met with ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

“Not with this Russian ambassador, no,” said Pelosi for Politico’s Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer in a Playbook discussion, after being asked whether or not she had met with the Kislyak.

Pelosi’s short pause and brief rumination before providing the answer says a lot.

We now have photographic proof that Nancy uttered a massive lie. The photograph is connected to the Alamy news service, that placed this photo of her meeting with Kislyak and the former president of Russia Dimitri Medvedev in its archives back in 2010.

Trump reacted about Pelosi’s photo:

The President commented earlier to a photo of Senator Chuck Schumer munching on a doughnut with Russian president Vladimir Putin:

Schumer is also among those who demanded Sessions’ resignation.

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