Hillary and Obama Caught In A MONSTER Taxpayer Scandal!

We all know that some of the things that Democrats are good at are: lying blatantly and stealing the taxpayer dollars. Even though it is not always theft, there are instances when it is plain and simple theft, know what I mean?

You may remember the whole Obama/Israel/UN fiasco from last year about which Obama shamelessly lied and was later on exposed for his dishonesty!

You can also remember all the evidence that connects the corrupt Clintons to many scandals where they’ve been accused of stealing funds, especially through their infamous Clinton Foundation, and this also includes a definite Russian link.

Both of these issues include crooked  political figures procuring and spending money in many unlawful ways. Now, once again, another major scandal has erupted that, unsurprisingly, involves Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama.

Both Hillary and Obama illegally used taxpayer money for many different reasons that suited them. This also includes ousting Benjamin Netanyahu which alone is proof that these two and the Democratic party are filled with disdain towards Israel.

Basically, Obama’s Department of State gave One Voice around $350,000, money One Voice used to create the V15 campaign to fight Netanyahu’s election in Israel.

Here’s what the New York Post reported:

“US taxpayer funds intended to aid peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians ended up aiding a campaign to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a Senate report released Tuesday.”

In addition to that, there’s also proof that taxpayer dollars were used to support the causes of Obama and Hillary which is alone enough to enrage every American.

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