Barack Obama Meets In Secret With Warren Buffet. This Can’t Be Good!

It seems that Obama just doesn’t wan’t to avoid the limelight. It seems he enjoyed playing golf more when he was president than now. He is just immersed into undermining president Trump and his administration no matter what. He has even led a shadow government against our sitting president, but now Obama’s days of secret plots and schemes have come to an end.

Obama was spotted by reporters visiting Silicon Valley, which is not that bad, save that he met with tech executives. Obama even met with Warren Buffet. According to NBC News, Obama and Warren had lunch on Sunday and you can guarantee that they had a serious talk.

In 2011, Buffet was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, we can easily say that progressives are involved into some secret scheme against President Trump.

Former presidents like Obama do not just happen to have lunch with moguls like Buffet. There must be something more to this meeting. I mean, what else would Buffet spend millions on except further Obama’s cause.

The bottom line here is that Obama is probably secretly massing up people and finding sponsors to back his liberal ideology and agenda against Trump. We must be proactive and do something about this before it is too late.

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