John McCain Alleges Rand Paul Of Working On A Russian Agenda

There is a escalating disagreement concerning Senators Rand Paul and John McCain that erupted on Wednesday when McCain alleged Paul of “doing work for Vladimir Putin.” The statement made by McCain was regarding a treaty that would allow Montenegro a NATO entry. It seems as though John McCain has just made yet another tremendous mistake.

“If one is objective, he can recognize that you are achieving the goals of Vladimir Putin,” McCain argued. “If they negate the fact that they definitely fullfiling the wishes and aspirations of Vladimir Putin, and I do not say that casually.” He is beginning to just make things up in his old age.

As all of us know, McCain has gotten himself in big trouble due to the comments concerning President Trump. Paul replied, “I object,” well before taking off of the Senate floor.

“That is really extraordinary, that a senator, obstructing a treaty that is backed by an overpowering number, possibly 98, at least, of his colleagues, would come onto the floor, object, and leave,” McCain went on. “The only impression you can get when he leaves is that he has no arguments left.”

Another thing McCain said left everyone in the room in awe and was completely uncalled for. “The senator from Kentucky is the dirty work for Vladimir Putin.” Where did he get this from?

Nothing worthy of mentioning transpired on the Senate floor that day, however, Paul did make a statement that it was, “foolish to extend the monetary and military responsibilities of the United States taking into account the burden of our $20 trillion debt. At the moment, the United States has soldiers in a bunch of countries and is fighting actively in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen with periodic drone strikes in Pakistan. Additionaly, the United States has agreed to protect 28 countries in NATO.”

Paul summed it up by saying, “We’re extremely lucky John McCain’s not in control because I believe we would get stuck in a never ending war.”

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