This week, FBI Director James Comey turned his back on Donald Trump when he stated that there is no proof of Barack Obama wiretapping him, and when he verified that the bureau is looking into Russia’s role in the election. Comey is obviously considered untrustworthy by both Democrats and Republicans mostly due to his flip-flop decision making relating to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal throughout the election year.

Truthfeed informed that a new online poll just exposed that the majority of Americans do not have confidence in Comey. Of the 554 Americans that were polled, a shocking 91% of them claimed they do not trust the FBI director to be honest, meaning that what he had to say against Trump did not make a difference at all.
This happened after Comey testified that “the FBI and the Justice Department have no information to back up

“Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower throughout the election. He also verified for the first time that the FBI was looking into Russian involvement, such as communications between Trump acquaintances and Russian officials.

“We’re investigating if there was any cooperation between people associated with the Trump campaign and the Russians,” Comey said, according to USA Today. Of course, Comey did not discuss the fact that the investigation has not discovered any evidence as of yet that Trump was working with Russia.

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