Meryl Streep’s Trump Bashing Resulted With TERRIBLE Consequences- She is OVER!

Throughout the Golden Globe Awards, few months ago in January, Hollywood A-list actress Meryl Streep held a really vile speech wherein she bashed President Donald Trump continuously. Being the arrogant liberal elite that she is, Streep thought that she would never face any consequences for this disrespectful speech.Regrettably for Streep, however, she was proven to be totally wrong.

Radar Online informed that a Hollywood movie about Hillary Clinton’s life was in preparation, and the leading role of the unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate will be given to Streep or her friend, Hollywood star Glenn Close.

Taking into consideration that she has more Academy Award nominations than anybody in history, Streep presumed she would be given the part. However, when producers witnessed her Golden Globe speech, they instantly gave the role to Close since they felt Streep had become “too political.”

“Glenn and Meryl [Streep]‘s names were equally talked about a lot but after Meryl was so political at the Golden Globes, producers considered it might be much better to go with Close,” a Hollywood source stated.


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