U.S. District Attorney to pursue treason charges against Obama


Former president Obama’s time in office was not the best time this country went through. Scratch that. It was actually one of the worst times in recent U.S. history.

Obama was affiliated with many nefarious characters, one of them being the infamous Hillary Clinton. Shortly after Obama left the White House, he started secretly leading the so-called shadow government against the sitting president, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was sworn in as president just in the nick of time. Trump faced eight years of deterioration under Obama once he took the reins of this country, but, fortunately, he seems to keep on finding solutions for every one of Obama’s mistakes.

Some of the first things Trump vowed to do was to repeal some of Obama’s executive orders from his final weeks in office. Would you look at that, all of a sudden, in his final days as president, has decided to actually do something. Obama even removed Dona Boente from serving as attorney general.



Barack did not provide any reason why he decided to take this action, but Trump nonetheless found a solution. As Boente stated, the Berkeley protests were a kind of domestic terrorism, and he emphasized the likelihood of Obama orchestrating the riots.

If you recall, Obama said he would not concede, maybe this was an indirect way of saying he will create a secret movement against Trump.


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