FBI warns about the potential threats Radical Islam may pose on the U.S.

A warning to every patriot: beware, since we can be assaulted by radical Islamic terrorism.

The FBI is presently examining radical Islamic terrorists in all 50 U.S. states that are colluding to carry out attacks as we speak. DHS Secretary John Kelly stated, “We are under attack from terrorists both within and outside of our borders. They are without conscience, and they operate without rules. They despise the United States, because we are a nation of rights, laws, and freedoms. They have a single mission, and that is our destruction.”

The issue with radical Islamic terrorism has reached its unseen proportions after eight years with Obama as the President, a man who openly embraced many refugees and migrants from terrorist-filled countries.

However, a silver lining in this gloomy situation is the fact that we have Donald Trump as a president who also strongly supports the Second Amendment, so we can at least be prepared.

Radical Islamic terrorist have infiltrated many of the leading world countries and it is just a matter of time when another attack will be perpetrated.

Liberals and Democrats are prone to welcoming such radical Islamic terrorists wholeheartedly. It is just unimaginable how these liberals are so audacious and brazen to welcome people who can inflict some irreparable damage in this country.

We need to make sure that we do not allow the Democrats to infest our capital. They are already safely perched in the swamp, but we can expel them, if we stick together.

We have to stop these liberals and Democrats from swarming our beloved capital. Right now they are a thorn in the eye in Trump’s administration those swamp dwellers, but if we stand united we can force them out.

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