JUST IN: An Ally Threatens STRIKE Against U.S. Military Toops !!!

After struggling through eight years with Obama as President, international relations have gone south which is why we have new enemies.

Among these possible new enemies is an alleged “ally.” A senior Turkish official made a threat to target U.S. military troops if they sided with the Kurds in the continuing Turkish conflict. Seriously? (according to the Washington Times)

The Turkish authorities just proposed assaulting American troops. This in my opinion is crossing the line, and as opposed to Obama, Trump is strict on protecting his red lines. We cannot permit our allies to act superior and threaten us.

The popular media is barely covering this story since they don’t comprehend global affairs, however this is a big issue. Our ally might perform an attack on American troops. That facts speaks forthemselves. What is going on in the world?

It is evident: Obama damaged our foreign relations. If he was tougher, our supposed “allies” would be real allies. We cannot allow for the Turks to stomp on our protectors. This is intolerable.

Rather than concentrating on this new threat, the popular media is STILL telling lies about the Trump-Russia collusion theory. They are shameless. We need to hold the media responsible for their actions, and they cannot get away concealing the truth.

The Left is too occupied protesting to recognize what is going on around the globe. It is scary that they would protest rather than participate in public discussions. Thank God we elected Donald Trump to save us from the Democrats.

Trump is handling Syria, North Korea, Iran, and now Turkey, while the radical Left is starting domestic disorders against the Republicans and Trump. We need to help support our Trump from these horrible people.

With Trump being President, we will not permit our allies to push us around. We will not permit our enemies to assault us or bully us.

If you are convinced that we WILL make our country great again!