NEW IN: Yates Confirms Possibility Of Flynn Facing Charges And Pence Testifying!

Sally Yates announced that VP Mike Pence could be asked to testify, but merely as a witness, if Gen. Michael Flynn were to be accused of a crime.

Via Zerohedge:

It’s relatively correct to say that General Michael Flynn didn’t fare well in today’s testimony from ex – DNI Director, Clapper and Ex – Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates.

Quite early on in today’s testimony, Yates verified that she reached out to the White House counsel concerning General Flynn , based upon remarks made in the media by the Vice President, that he had utterly lied to VP Pence regarding his previous communications with Russian officials.

Later on, in an exchange with Senator Blumenthal, Yates went even further to advocate that if Flynn used the exact same lies with the FBI throughout his sworn testimony that he “could face criminal prosecution.” Having said that, she refused to comment on testimony provided by Flynn to the FBI.

All of this generated the reasonable conclusion, that VP Pence and many other “Top White House officials” may possibly be called in as witnesses to the degree that General Flynn is placed on trial.

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