Susan Sarandon On Trump’s Presidency

Liberal celebrities are attacking again our President. This time the actress Susan Sarandon open her mouth and and expressed some predictions on Trump’s presidency.

Susan Sarandon said that President Donald Trump may not make it through his first term in office: “I’m excited and encouraged by the idea that maybe if everything’s falling apart so obviously — I mean, I don’t think Trump’s gonna make it through his whole term,” she told People magazine.

“But he’s not the first one to have Goldman Sachs in his cabinet, he’s not the one that started fracking wholeheartedly,” she said of Trump’s administration, which includes five people with ties to the Wall Street bank. “So where have we been? We’ve been asleep.”

Remember how all those liberal prognosticators were all so accurate in their prediction of Hillary Clinton being president.

Well, dear Susan Sarandon. Americans have a message for you: Trump will not only make it through his first term, but also he will be here and stand for us for 8 years. He will get things done.Now, Trump repairs all the damage Obama has caused.With him and the Vice President Pence in the office America will be put on the right track.

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