Kathy Griffin apologizes for disturbing, anti-Trump photo session

Ever wondered just how far liberal celebrities are ready to go to express their resentment against President Trump? Pretty far. Comedian Kathy Griffin was the latest in the long line of liberal celebrities who publicly displayed their intolerance with Trump, but Griffin’s action might just take the cake.

Griffin’s idea of a joke was to pose with President Trump’s detached and bloody head during a photo session.

Famous hosts and other celebrities commented on Griffin’s repugnant photo, resolutely condemning her actions. The reasons Griffin did the photo shoot can vary: either she wanted to boost her popularity, make a quick buck, or she might’ve acted on impulse and wanted people to know what she really thought of the President.


Somehow, deep inside, we always knew these liberals were crazed halfwits, but the thing Griffin did is something we’d expect a Mexican cartel would do. It is pure hate. Let’s just hope that Griffin will be made an example of, so other liberals will not dare do something even remotely as threatening as this.

Griffin has apologized for this scandal, but she should’ve known better before doing this. She is no toddler but an adult who ought to discern between what’s doable and what’s unacceptable. I’m afraid that no apology can fix what she had done, her shows are being cancelled as we speak. The comedian is now facing a new, harsh reality for her spiteful move and repercussions that will permanently damage her career.


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