Roseanne Barr slams Kathy Griffin over sickening photo

I believe that half the world became aware Kathy Griffin’s stupidity after she decided to pose with a fake bloody head of President Donald Trump with photographer Tyler Shields. The image was horrendous, and it is always encouraging when when in times like this the First Family gets the support they deserve.

Kathy Griffin ended up losing 3 gigs in one day.  Her biggest one was with CNN.  They ended her New Years Eve contract with her on Wednesday.  Good Riddance.

Due to her unfathomable stupidity in taking and releasing the photograph, Griffin has had three of her shows cancelled. CNN has decided to end the comedian’s New Year Eve’s show contract on Wednesday. Even Roseanne Barr couldn’t overlook this incident.

On Wednesday, after much dispute over the scandal, Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to defend Barron Trump after hearing the 11-year-old was deeply upset after seeing the sickening photograph.

Reportedly, Barron had truly believed this really happened to his father. For shame. These liberals are just spinning out of control, and to think that Griffin claimed she was the victim targeted by Trump is ridiculous.

Roseanne is right on target. It’s as if hearing someone say the thing many were thinking but dared not. Liberals are not used to someone standing up to them like this. They’d better get used to it!

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