Kathy Griffin’s only surviving show gets cancelled!


For all of those who do not know, Squatty Potty is a small plastic stool you use to put your feet under when taking a dump. The stool helps “mimic a perfect squat” while also being in an “ideal foot position for maximum comfort.”

We mentioned this because this was Kathy Griffin’s only backer who has now abandoned the comedian due to her recent mega-scandal when she released a photo holding a bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.

That wraps it up. CNN has decided to remove Kathy from her annual New Year’s Eve slot which she co-hosted with Anderson Cooper and all of her comedy performances have also been called off. Every. Single. One.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins Tour” (hilarious!) had planned seven stops, some in California, some in and around NYC, and one in New Mexico.

Griffin’sevent at the St. George Theatre in Staten Island on November 2 was 86’ed first, then her gig at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “Ms. Griffin’s recent actions have severely inhibited our ability to fulfill our mission as a non-profit theatre serving the Staten Island community,” the theater stated.

Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque called off her gig on Wednesday and the California venues immediately followed, leaving Bergen Performing Arts Center in New Jersey as Griffin’s last standing gig. Sadly for her, this event has also been cancelled. 

“After very careful consideration, bergenPAC has decided to no longer move forward with the scheduled performance of Kathy Griffin on 11/4/17,” they posted on Twitter during the weekend.

Twitterers immediately praised the move.

That’s that folks. Griffin has seemingly hit rock bottom. She has lost the one meager sponsor she had, that was barely working (only seven shows between now and December), and has finally been left sponsorless, and without any upcoming performances.

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