President Trump wishes Comey luck ahead of testimony


Fired FBI Director James Comey is set to testify on Capitol Hill. This is one of those moments that could have either a positive or negative impact on Trump’s administration.

When asked about the event at the White House, where he met with congressional leaders, Trump said “I wish him luck.”

This will be Comey’s first testimony after being fired by President Trump who was dissatisfied with the way the FBI Director ran the organization and some of its investigation that Trump or his officials played a part in.

James Comey was amid several controversies regarding his investigations and both Hillary and Trump were unhappy with what he was doing. Clinton has contended that Comey and the FBI were one of the key reasons she lost the presidential election, while Trump was unhappy with how he handled the investigation into the possible Russian interference in the presidential election and the part some of the President’s┬áteam members played in this so-called collusion with Trump’s campaign.

Comey has made some dubious comments following his removal, some of which contradict themselves. He initially said that there was no Russian interference, and then that the President tried to influence him to quit the investigation into Mchael Flynn’s contact with certain Russian┬ádiplomats.

This was then. And many of the comments Comey made only further complicated the already chaotic situation. However, now is the moment of truth and many of the vague comments and mysteries this whole scandal has been shrouded in will be brought to light.

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