Eric Trump Bashes Media For Disregarding The Stock Market Increase

Throughout the past couple of months, the liberal media outlets have gone out of their way to indicate all of the things that aren’t successfully accomplished by Trump’s administration, while at the same time overlooking all that is in fact going as planned.

While the media has eyes locked on the Russian probe (an investigation that still has no proof to support it whatsoever that there was a collusion between Trump and the Russians), they have constantly ignored signs that the economy is doing a lot better and America is getting greater by the day.

Eric Trump, the President’s son took to Twitter, early on Wednesday, to criticize the media for the continuous lack of reporting on how incredibly the stock market is developing, The Daily Caller informed.

Exactly, with the exclusion of a couple of days, for the past couple of months the stock market has gone up, partially thanks to Trump’s promises (and measures) to roll back directives and make it simpler for businesses to prosper in America.

Oddly enough, regardless of the murder attempt on  several Congress members of on Wednesday, the stock market actually climbed to yet one more record high that day, CNBC reported.

The stock market has indeed dropped under Trump, but it was mostly when news broke about the Trump-Russia probe— nevertheless the market has always managed to recovered from that.

Investors Business Daily stated that stock futures were low early on Thursday after a Wednesday evening report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was looking into Trump for possible obstruction of justice.

Faith in America has never been higher, thanks to the President. Businesses evidently think that the era of excessive government directives is over, and that is motivating them to invest in America again.

While the media outlets proceed to focus on investigations that are pointless and prove nothing, the Trump administration will focus on making America great again.

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