Trump Uncovered FBI’s Worst Nightmare Through Tweets

The Washington Post covered a massive story that 5 anonymous state that Special Counsel Mueller is looking into whether or not Donald Trump is responsible for an Obstruction of Justice.

President Donald Trump is defending his actions! He uncovered the worst nightmare of the FBI  and once angain proved this is merely a Witch Hunt.

 At 3:55 a.m Trump tweeted about the Washington Post narrative and the ridiculous investigation.

Then, he uncovered this WITCH HUNT by indicating the upsetting double standard and how they let Hillary off the hook. Hillary Clinton basically smashed a dozen blackberries with a hammer to coceal evidence, however there ware no obstruction of Justice accusations. Now Trump just makes a few remarks to Comey and thus he obstructed justice? Check out these 3 Tweets!

 From our earlier article, we reported that Mueller is in violation of rule 28 CFR 45.2, according to Sean Hannity’s legal experts. The violations are due to Mueller and Comey being longtime friends. This raises numerous amounts of questions, with the first one being: is Mueller out to get Trump? Is Mueller a partisan hack? According to Gregg Jarrett, Trump should demand Mueller to quit as special counsel. The media went crazy when word came out that the POTUS might fire the special counsel. If he can, it would certainly seem justifiable now.
Watch the video here.

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