Bombshell Sally Yates-travel ban scandal erupts

Before and since he was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Trump and his administration’s efforts have been attacked at every corner by liberals.

Even though he is making good on America to make it great again, Democrats have relentlessly opposed his executive actions. Trump has already done a lot in his first five-and-a-half months in office, but there’s still a long way to go before he makes up for all those promises.

The fact is that much more could’ve been done should the Democrats have not attacked every single move of the President.

This anger against everything Trump is just the bitterness liberals feel over the loss of the presidential election. They are only devoted to their party’s ideology, completely neglecting everybody else’s needs. They put their interests first and forget about the priorities of the people.

This was the case when many progressive officials, judges included, worked against Trump’s executive order on temporary banning travelers from several Muslim-majority nations.

As President Trump was going to great lengths to keep terrorists at bay, Democrats constantly defied him, which, in turn, made our nation less safe.

Well, one of those liberals has went rogue on their party and has uncovered a major truth.

As reported by Right Scoop:

Sally Yates admitted in an exchange with Senator Cornyn that the Office of Legal Counsel reviewed Trump’s immigration EO and found it to be completely legal. Yet she had the audacity to overrule the Office of Legal Counsel and deem it unconstitutional.

Check out the video below of Yates doing a Robin Wright impression.

She did what a few of the federal courts did that overruled it. She looked outside the language and detail of the actual order itself to Trump’s campaign statements in 2016 to deem it unconstitutional, which is only something a liberal hack would do.

Liberals were stunned when President Trump removed Sally, and she somehow openly opposed him, the President of the United States. What did she expect to happen!?

Several months later, Yates is compelled to confess the travel ban Trump enforced was constitutional, and not anti-Muslim. Apparently she, like the other judges, opposed it due to party politics.

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