Ben Carson Opens Up, Speaks The Truth About Russia Probe

As we all know, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is Ben Carson. Besides that, he is also a smart person with on-point opinions. This is the moment, we get to listen to his comments on the Russia investigation.

Carson made an appearance on Fox News radio before the weekend — he thinks that Mueller should be permitted to look into Trump, however for an obviously different reason than the democrats. He stated, “…there’s nothing to find, that’s why they keep going down these empty rabbit holes. That will continue to be the case, because there’s nothing there.” (according to Dennis Michael Lynch)

Carson is convinced that the outcome of the probe would at last silence the liberals. The crumb of hope that they cut be shut up is promising. If we know someone from the election, it is this — however, they will never keep their mouths shut for long. Not even after hilarious debacles like this one.

When the probe leads to nothing, the left will find justification. “Mueller was corrupt!” — we can hear them now. This is the issue, though. Every single time the liberals come up short, there will find yet another excuse.

The left would allege Trump of collaborating with Russia, despite everything. They find things to get insulted about, or make allegations about. We have gotten tired of it for a long time now.

It’s difficult to take anyone for their word. You can’t deal with someone who refuses to accept plain facts. They live in a alternative reality, it seems.

We have listened to it, again and again, that there’s NO proof backing a Trump-Russia plot. All we’ve ever seen is the liberal media outlets chasing their tails on live TV, at times for hours and hours.

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