Bill Clinton’s half-black son wishes his father a happy Father’s Day

In the events that led up to the 2016 presidential election, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton forced her husband, former president Bill Clinton to leave his only son. Apparently Hillary and Bill put career before family.

Danney Williams-Clinton, Bill’s alienated son, delivered a hearfelt message wishing Bill, his father, a happy Father’s Day.  Even though you abandoned me and only took care of Chelsea, I still want to thank you for giving me life,” said Danney. Former president Bill Clinton has never accepted in public that Danney is his son.

Danney does not ask for welfare or money from his wealthy father — he only wants to meet him. “All I want to do is shake my father’s hand,” said Danny in a tweeted video.

Rumors of Clinton’s illegitimate son started circulating when he decided to run for President. Danny was just seven when the news was revealed. Bill had allegedly fathered Danney while serving as Governor of Arkansas. It is said that
Bill paid Danney’s mom for sexual services after meeting her on a morning run back in 1984. Bobbie Anne Williams was a prostitute residing in a Little Rock housing project. Bill paid her for sex on multiple occasions, even with two other prostitutes.

Bobbie Anne became pregnant with Danney not long after beginning to see Governor Bill Clinton. She is absolutelu certain that Bill is the father as he was her only white customer when she became pregnant.

At first, Bill accepted some responsibility for Danney, paying $700 a month for child support, but he forsook his son when he was elected president as Danney’s ties to President Bill could be inconvenient for the then-newly elected president.

The Clinton family’s callousness and self-absorption knows no bounds. They present themselves as champions of the black community while Bill cannot even accept his mixed-race son.

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