Sheriff Clarke no longer a candidate for a position at the DHS


Once news broke that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke will most likely be joining President Trump’s administration people were overjoyed, and fro a good reason, we might add.

David Clarke has been a fervent supporter of candidate and President Donald Trump and has also been a big supporter of conservative values, bigger than many Republicans.

But, unfortunately, we might have gotten too ahead of ourselves with that news. In the end, it seems that the Sheriff has had a change of heart about becoming part of the President’s staff members.

According to ABC News, the Department of Homeland Security has stated that Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is no longer a candidate for a slot at the department.

Last month, Clarke said he would be pursuing a position as an assistant secretary at the DHS, but the department has failed to confirm that they only announce appointments like that once the the Department of Homeland Security makes them formal.

Clarke’s political consultant, Craig Peterson, stated that Clarke told DHS Secretary John Kelly late on Friday that he had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer” and employment at the agency. It was The Washington Post that first broke the story about the Sheriff’s decision.


It is still difficult to discern what actually happened? It is not yet certain whether it was Sheriff Clarke or president Trump the one who made this decision.

Regardless of what had happened, two things can be concluded from this: first, Clarke will definitely not be part of Trump’s administration, and second, he will still remain a loyal supporter of President Trump’s policies in the time ahead.

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