“The Forensicator” released a report confirming DNC hacking was not done by a foreign entity


The DNC leak scandal was perhaps one of the most extensive controversies from last year. Now there’s an update on the scandal.

An unidentified IT expert who goes by the name The Forensicator released a report that seems to refute the story of how the DNC was allegedly hacked by Russia.

The files were copied on July 5th, just five days before Seth Rich, an official at the DNC, was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The bottom line here is that it was an inside job all along, and Russia had nothing to do with it.
Now the chances of the files being hacked from an outside entity are almost slim to none.
This suspiciously coincides with the theory that DNC official Seth Rich turned on his party, hacked the emails, and paid the ultimate price for this move by being murdered in cold blood.
Hacker Kim Dot Com acknowledged that he collaborated with an agent called “Panda” to leak the emails. The hacker says that “Panda” gave him ample of information concerning the DNC, voter fraud, and other issues that Democrats want to keep in the dark.
He also added that he was affiliated with Seth Rich, with the alias “Panda.” The two cooperated with Seth being tasked to get the DNC files. Misfortune ensued as Seth was soon discovered dead, presumably murdered, under mysterious circumstances. It seems pretty obvious to me.

The report by the “Forensicator” reveals many other details that put the pieces together and confirms that the information cannot possibly have come from anywhere else but within the facility in which it was being kept.
The idea here is that the whole Gordian Knot is being untangled before us. It has not yet officially been confirmed, but everything points to the Democrats plotting to kill Seth Rich for disclosing harmful information. It may be long overdue, but better safe than sorry, and with the influx of evidence just piling up, someone will be held accountable, there’s no denying it.

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