MSNBC mutes Senator Lindsey Graham mid-sentence once he started speaking of Clinton campaign meetings

Republican Senator of Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham was recently speaking on MSNBC about Donald Trump Jr.’r email chain revealing his meeting with a Russian lawyer when suddenly, once Graham mentioned the words “Clinton campaign,” the broadcast was made inaudible while Graham was still speaking.

Isn’t that just convenient for these liberal scum! Once Graham brought up the type of meddling of the Clinton campaign his voice was mysteriously made inaudible, with the indistinct chatter between the MSNBC producers┬ástill present in the background.

This right here is basically the liberal media summed up in one shot. There’s more than meets the eye in this seemingly innocent “recording error.”

There’s really no other logical explanation for this bizarre incident but the fact that what Graham had to say about the Clinton campaign does not go in favor of the Left’s agenda. They will go to great lengths to distract attention on Hillary in order for the Trump Jr.’s email scandal to gain even more momentum.

It is the job of the media to be impartial and provide the information to the people untarnished and unspoiled. But what do they do instead? They mute Graham’s comments, an ill-advised move as this only raises additional questions about how far the arm of the Clinton crime syndicate┬áreaches. Pretty far, I presume.

But unfortunately for MSNBC, we are already aware of Hillary’s meetings with foreign diplomats to sabotage the Trump administration. Reports have revealed that Hillary’s associates have met with Ukranian government officials to collect harmful information on Trump that was eventually given to the DNC.

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