Trump dossier author Christopher Steele met with special counsel’s team

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s been tasked to supervise the Russian election meddling probe has broadened the inquiry by looking into a former British spy’s dossier of accusations of Russian financial and personal connection to the Trump campaign last year and his transition team, according to Reuters. 

The dossier put together by former MI16 agent Christopher Steele recognized Russian oligarchs and others who have been deemed by U.S. intelligence agencies officials who are working for the Russian government.

Both the FBI and a spokesperson for Mueller refused to comment on the matter.

Anonymous sources familiar with the special counsel’s investigation have taken the reins of several investigations into accusations by American intelligence agencies that the Russian government and Trump’s campaign colluded to undermine Hillary Clinton and give Trump the upper hand in the election.

During a press briefing this week, Republican Senator Richard Burr, the chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and top member Mark Warner, both raised concerns that Steele has refused to meet with his pane.

“The committee cannot really decide the credibility of the dossier without understanding things like, who paid for it? Who are your sources and sub-sources?” said the North Carolina Republican. “We’re investigating a very expansive Russian network of interference in US elections. And though we have been incredibly enlightened at our ability to rebuild backwards, the Steele dossier, up to a certain date, getting past that point has been somewhat impossible.”

“My hope is that Mr. Steele will make a decision to meet with either Mark and I or the committee, so we can hear his side of it versus for us to depict in our findings what his intent or what his actions were,” Burr said. “I say that to you, but I also say it to Chris Steele.”

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