Matt Damon, Russel Crowe lobbied against the Harvey Weinstein story in 2004

According to a New York Times contributor who traced back the sexual scandal of acclaimed Holywood producer Harvey Weinstein as far back as 2004, actors Matt Damon and Russel Crowe pressured the Times to avoid releasing the story, according to Breitbart. 

In a piece for The Wrap, Sharon Waxman argues that during her inquiry into then-recently appointed director of Miramax Italy, Fabrizio Lombardo, sources say that Lombardo, who had no previous experience in filmmaking, was given the slot as head Miramax Italy for the mere purpose of arranging escorts for Weinstein.

In order to protect Weinstein’s reputation from the Times story, Matt Damon, and Crowe both called Waxman to “vouch” for Lombardo’s qualifications.

“After intense pressure from Weinstein, which included having Matt Damon and Russell Crowe call me directly to vouch for Lombardo and unknown discussions well above my head at the Times, the story was gutted,” Laxman noted. “I was told at the time that Weinstein had visited the newsroom in person to make his displeasure known.”

Moreover, Waxman also conversed with a British woman who maintained she had been bribed by Weinstein after an “unwanted sexual encounter” but had her hands tied by a non-disclosure accord.

Eventually, The New York Times narrative was suppressed after then-culture revisor for the paper Jon Landman decided the story was irrelevant, said Waxman.

“‘He’s not a publicly elected official,’ he told me. I explained, to no avail, that a public company would certainly have a problem with a procurer on the payroll for hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the time, Disney told me they had no idea Lombardo existed,” Waxman added.

Waxman said she was “devastated” that her story was released a decade after she had revealed the compelling evidence.

“I was devastated after traveling to two countries and overcoming immense challenges to confirm at least part of the story that wound up running last week, more than a decade later,” Waxman said. “Today I wonder: If this story had come to light at the time, would Weinstein have continued his behavior for another decade.”

On Monday, the board of the company he co-founded decided to fire Weinstein over the scandal.

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