Bill de Blasio gets re-elected as mayor of New York

Bill de Blasio has won his second term as mayor of New York in his victory against GOP challenger Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, in a city where only two acting office holders have lost in over sixty years, according to Bloomberg.

Malliotakis said she and her voters have delivered a clear message. “Although we did not win this election we were loud and clear that the status quo must end and that there are many people, thousands of people across this city that deserve to be heard,” she said.

Though some polls have revealed a drop in de Blasio’s popularity as compared to recent mayors, Malliotakis couldn’t overcome Democrats’ voter-registration edge of approximately 7 to 1.

Tha Associated Press notes that de Blasio led Malliotakis 67% to 28%, with 99% of the districts counted. The turnout was around 20%.

“Over the next four years, my promise to you is that my administration will be relentless in our pursuit of fairness,” de Blasio told an audience during his victory address at the Brooklyn Museum. “Every decision — no matter how big or small — will be measured by whether or not it gets us closer to being the fairest big city in America.”

“Things are still not what they need to be in this city,” said de Blasio. “We’ve got to become a fairer city and we’ve got to do it soon, do it fast. We’ve got to put everything we’ve got into it.”

Seventy-one-year-old Daisy Taberas, who immigrated to the US from Peru 48 years ago, said she voted for de Blasio because of his opposition to Trump’s immigration agenda.

“I like the way (de Blasio) works with children in the schools, and he’s trying to protect the city and he cares about immigration,” she said after casting her ballot at a Manhattan polling site.

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