Fox News pulls ad calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment

Fox News said on Monday that it would no longer air an ad calling for President Trump’s impeachment, a move that came after Trump seemingly responded to the 60-second spot by attacking the billionaire Democratic donor featured in it on Twitter.

Jack Abernethy, co-president of the channel said in a statement: “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money”.

The network did not give the specific way in which they measured the “negative reaction” which led to the cancellation of the ad.The ad, produced by a group backed by Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer called Need To Impeach. The Need To Impeach clip features Steyer calling for Trump’s impeachment and describing the president as a “clear and present danger” and “mentally unstable”. The advert has been shown on other networks such as CNN and MSNBC and other local broadcast TV stations owned by Fox’s parent company 21st Century Fox. It can also be viewed online.

A Fox News spokesperson declined to say exactly how the network measured the negative reaction the ad drew and how it determined the negative reaction met a threshold that necessitated no longer airing it. Television networks have wide latitude about the commercials they air. Ads with totally false claims are occasionally rejected.

Steyer sent an email to those who had signed the petition, saying that Fox pulled the ad off the air “without warning.” Steyer called the move a violation of his First Amendment rights, accusing Fox of seeking to appease Trump, its “#1 fan.” Fox didn’t announce its decision until Monday.

On Oct. 27, for the first time, the Steyer ad ran during “Fox and Friends,” the morning show closely watched and frequently retweeted by the president. The next day, Trump tweeted his response to the “unhinged” Steyer, calling him a loser but ignoring the ad’s contents.

This is a very brave move coming from FOX News. FOX obviously has what it takes to stand up to the Liberal propaganda that most of the media outlets are spreading.

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