Jeff Flake Proposes A Bill That Already Exists Since 1996

Arizona GOP Senator Jeff Flake belongs to the group of other Republicans who are opposing Trump’s policy. He is also known as one of the most vocal GOP critics of President Donald Trump.

Shortly after the horrible incident in Texas, when gunman walked into the First Baptist Church and killed 25 churchgoers, Jeff Flake stood on the Left’s side when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. He obviously needs to take a look at the laws in our country.

As a response on Sunday massacre, the Republican Senator joined forces with the Democrat Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico. Both Senators are going to work on passing a law that in our country exists since 1996. The bill would bar anyone convicted of domestic violence in a criminal or military court from purchasing a weapon.

According to them, if the legislation had been in place, could have prevented Devin Kelley, the identified shooter in the Texas church massacre from getting a gun.

“Writing a bill w/ @MartinHeinrich to prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence – be it in criminal or military court – from buying a gun,” Flake announced his plan on Twitter.

David Hookstead immediately unloaded on Jeff Flake’s announcement, reminding the Arizona Senator that the bill they want to introduce, already exists since 1996.

“The “Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban” has been the law in America since 1996, and does ban those people from ever possessing a gun.,” Hookstead wrote on Twitter as a response on Flake’s tweet. He told him what Flake, as a Senator, was supposed to know.

Flake’s plan to introduce a bill that already exits since long ago, prompted Fox News host Laura Ingraham to call for his immediate resignation.

“OMG @JeffFlake needs to retire effective immediately.” Ingraham tweeted. She told him what he was supposed to be told.

As a Senator, Jeff Flake should know the laws in our country. But, as it turned out he obviously isn’t much familiar with his job. Do you agree? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments.